30 Before 30 – Finally!

I know I promised a post on May 4 but 3 days late is better not at all, right?? Truth be told, I’ve struggled with some items. There are a couple on the list that I’m not sure about and might change but for now, it’s a list of 30 items!

And the list… Drum roll please!…

  1. Move IN to NYC
  2. Visit J’s brother in Japan
  3. Attend a MSU bowl game
  4. See DMB concert at The Gorge
  5. Attend Red Sox Spring Training in Fort Meyers, FL
  6. Wine Tours in the Finger Lakes, NY
  7. Visit Dave Matthew’s Vineyard in VA
  8. Visit Fenway for 100th Anniversary
  9. Attend Yankees vs. Red Sox game at Yankee Stadium
  10. Finish Africa Scrapbook (from 2006)
  11. Finish Winston’s fleece jacket
  12. Make/share Amish Friendship Bread
  13. Learn to crochet Meme’s socks
  14. Attend a live show/taping of SNL
  15. Attend a Junior League info meeting (orientation or Sip & See)
  16. Eat at Justin Timberlake’s NYC restaurant, Southern Hospitality BBQ
  17. Eat in all 5 NYC Boroughs
  18. See Rent on Broadway
  19. Have wedding pictures made into album
  20. Get teeth professionally whitened
  21. Go skydiving
  22. Try a new hairstyle
  23. Have a Spa Day
  24. Get a Lasik consultation
  25. Donate blood 5 times (approx. once every 6 months)
  26. Read the Bible
  27. Refresh Spanish skills
  28. Turn filing cabinet into paperless system
  29. Blog regularly
  30. Think about baby making?!

I’m going to post the list permanently at the “30 Before 30” link at the top of the page and update it as I go!

First up to accomplish? #16 – Eat at Justin Timberlake’s NYC restaurant, Southern Hospitality BBQ. I have a discount certificate from ScoutMob that expires in 2 weeks. Stay tuned for an update on the experience! 🙂



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2 responses to “30 Before 30 – Finally!

  1. I love your list!!! Especially #30 😉

  2. Live Love Loans

    Haha we’ll see how much “thinking” happens… We talk about our general plan for a family but I think #30 is going to be more of a “have an actual idea of when to start trying” slash deadline to go off birth control. Who knows!

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