30 Before 30 – #16 Done

I had a ScoutMob deal for Southern Hospitality BBQ that was expiring soon (50% off check, maximum discount of $25). Southern Hospitality is a NYC restaurant co-owned by Justin Timberlake and I had been wanting to go. Adding it to my 30 Before 30 list guaranteed that I would!

Now it’s crossed off the list! There were some pluses and minuses to the visit…

I called the day before to make reservations. They only take them for parties of 6 or more but the hostess or whoever I spoke with said we wouldn’t have a problem being seated around 4:30/5 pm which is when I said we’d be coming by. Only problem? She apparently forgot about the Kentucky Derby party the restaurant was promoting. Same with whoever uses their Twitter account. I was tweeting on Saturday before we went and the bartender was responding. Told me they had the Red Sox game playing in the bar but it was on rain delay. Interesting cause when we got there, every TV had the Derby on. Nevermind it would’ve been nice for whoever was on Twitter to mention how crazy busy they were! So that was a bit annoying. Then we got there and the hostess couldn’t give us any estimate of how long we’d have to wait for a table. No estimate at all. Annoying again. But luckily the rain had been holding off so we opted to sit outside. Just in time too since all the tables filled out not long after we were seated. Service wasn’t anything fantastic. Thankfully the food was good. Not Dinosaur BBQ good though. I’ll let the pictures speak a little…

I love ribs but only the fall of the bone type without fatty areas. So I usually opt for the pulled pork, as I did here. All of the entree platters come with 2 sides. I went with sweet potato fries (mmm!) and the corn bread with honey whipped butter. I could eat corn bread all day. Half of that plate is today’s lunch 🙂

J went with the Wet & Dry rib combo platter. Southern Hospitality has Memphis style BBQ which means their ribs are dry rubbed. J is all about his BBQ sauce though so the “Wet” portion included their baby back ribs. He went with creamed corn and tater tots for his sides. And, I quote, “those were the best tater tots I’ve ever had”! He ended up not eating the creamed corn but I had a bite. Literally only one. It was super buttery! No thanks.

Overall, it was a decent time. I can cross it off, say it’s been done. Maybe we’ll go back, who knows!


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