Ten on Tuesday – #3

Ten on Tuesday – hosted by Chelsea:

1. Have you ever used Craigslist?
Tons! I’ve bought and sold all sorts of things (mainly furniture), job searched, and recently been scoping out apartments which isn’t always the most accurate.

2. Can you sew?
Enough to get by – buttons, small holes, hems.

3. Do you pour syrup on your pancakes or dip your pancakes in the syrup?
Pour syrup all over! Then drip in the excess as needed.

4. Rain storms: Love them or hate them?
Generally hate them. Don’t mind if I’m inside or something but I hate walking around outside or going to work in a rain storm.

5. Do you like swimming?
I’m kinda indifferent about it. There was a similar question a couple of weeks back about swimming lessons – see here for that answer. I don’t mind water parks/slides or hanging out in water. But you won’t see me swimming laps at all.

6. What kind of drink do you order at Sonic?
I’m slightly embarrassed to admit this. BUT, I’ve actually never been to a Sonic before! I think they’re relatively new to the Northeast but the closest is still 20 minutes away. So I’ve just never been.

7. Are you funny?
I like to think I am but I’m probably not. It’s dry humor, if anything.

8. At what age will your kids get cell phones?
I was one of the last of my friends to get a cell phone. I was 18 or 19, I think. Either a freshman or sophomore in college. I know times have changed so that’s not really feasible these days. I think junior high age might be a good time? But only for limited purposes –  like pick up/drop off at school or something. I don’t want it to be a “use 24/7” thing at that age.

9. What’s your favorite vegetable?
Corn, probably? But then Chelsea said potato and it didn’t even occur to me that a potato was a vegetable so it might be a tie then!

10. Were you a Girl Scout?
Oh yes. From a brownie all the way through a senior (at least what was a senior back then – they changed the “levels”). Basically until I graduated from high school. A lot of my friends did it through 6th grade or so but one friend in particular continued on through junior high and so did I. I was definitely embarrassed at times because that’s what you do at that age – get embarrassed about anything different about you. I continued with this friend into high school. There were Friday night meetings I missed because I was cheerleading but I made it work. I received my Gold Award (highest award – equivalent to Eagle Scout) during my senior year of high school. I’d love to help out a troop but sadly don’t have the time for it right now. One day…


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  1. Katherina

    I was a senior girl scout too until I graduated high school! I loved girl scouts =)

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