Motivate Me Monday – 2







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2 responses to “Motivate Me Monday – 2

  1. Katherina

    Hey! I was reading this book called Escape by Barbara Delinsky and it made me think of you. It’s about this woman from New England who works at a big New York law firm and her husband is also a lawyer. One day at work, she just realizes her life isn’t what she wants anymore, so she leaves and ends up in a small town in New England where her bff lives and where she spent her summer before law school. She tries to figure out what she really wants with her life, and its really good! You should totally read it. Hope you’re having a good Monday =)

    • Live Love Loans

      Man, sounds so familiar… I keep having all these “I should’ve been a pharmacist” moments lately but it’s obviously too late for any of that now. A co-worker is in a similar position. She wants to manage bands but not in an attorney/legal capacity. But where do you begin, ya know? I’m obviously not about to leave the attorney world but I’ve been looking long term a lot lately to try and figure out what my next step should be.

      I reserved the book from the library – there’s a waiting list for it so hopefully it comes in soon! Thanks 🙂

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