Changing Up the Cardio

I’ve posted before about how I’m not always the most motivated to work out. I used to be a big fan of classes since they were a nice combo of (kinda) cardio and strength training. But they weren’t giving me the results I wanted so a couple of months ago I switched to doing more cardio-based exercises. Not sure if it’s paying off yet but I’m giving it some time. Only problem is that cardio can get boring – same thing, different day. So I try to switch things up so I don’t get too bored.

I found a treadmill workout from Courtney at Sweet Tooth Sweet Life called “45 Minute Treadmill Workout“. I had bookmarked it for a rainy day and pulled it out the other day (minus the rain).

I had gotten accosted by a trainer at the gym – I had successfully avoided them since joining this particular gym in January (what is it with trainers?!). They try all the “free session” ploys to get business. I get that, it’s sales for them. But if I say I’m not interested, it means I’m not interested. Not to try and convince me another day. Well, I got beaten the other day and just didn’t have the energy to say no. So 30 minutes later, I had a free training session. It was effective, I guess, since it kicked my butt. Literally. I was sore for 3 days later. Not slightly sore but really sore. Which isn’t really enjoyable to me. I want to be able to walk to some extent! Anyways, I gave myself some time off and finally dragged myself to the gym to get a little cardio in my system.

The “45 Minute Treadmill Workout” was perfect. I exerted just enough energy for a nice workout but not enough to completely kill myself. Definitely keeping this workout in my bag for future lazy cardio days! Courtney has other workouts she’s posted so I’m excited to try those too!

Any similar workout routines (or blogs) you like?


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  1. So glad you liked the workout! Thanks for linking to it 🙂

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