DMB Caravan v. Hurricane Irene?

What I planned on doing this weekend:

What I ended up doing this weekend:

Like most people on the east coast, I spent my Saturday with the TV glued on The Weather Channel. Instead of on Governor’s Island. Truthfully, a low key weekend was much needed. I was bummed 2 of the 3 concert nights had to be rescheduled but I feel caught up around the house and well rested.

We survived Irene without any direct damage. Unfortunately, we do have some bathroom ceiling damage… Around 4:00 a.m., I got up to go to the bathroom. Without even stepping foot in the bathroom, I heard some seriously leaking. I ran back into the bedroom to get my glasses (since I’m borderline blind without them!) and woke up J in a slight panic. Turn the bathroom light on to find this:

That’s the area above the shower (the bubble at left) and kinda between/over the shower/sink area (the other, bigger hole). I left J to deal with the immediate issue and ran downstairs to our concierge guy. Long story short… The building super went upstairs (I knew the resident(s) were there because we had a sign in list of people who didn’t evacuate and I was nosy) to notify the unit above us. Turns out the guy was saving water in his bathtub in case of an emergency and fell asleep. And the tub overflowed. For real. Seriously, what a moron! Luckily we were home and caught it… Yeah so that was a fun 4:00 a.m. discovery.

Aside from the ceiling, that was our only damage. There’s some flooding in the nearby streets but nothing major. And just got word that the PATH, MTA Subway and NYC Courts will all be open tomorrow. Lucky me. So I will be headed to Jamaica (as in Jamaica, Queens) in the morning… Be jealous.



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2 responses to “DMB Caravan v. Hurricane Irene?

  1. Haha, you got more action than we did. I’m jealous 🙂

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