30 Before 30 – #9 Done

As I blogged earlier this week, Sunday September 25, 2011 was our one year wedding anniversary. Accordingly to “wedding traditions,” the traditional first year gift is paper and the modern first year gift is clocks. So, anyone following these gift customs has a choice between something paper themed or something clocked themed. J and I both took the paper route. And I was a little selfish and also completed item #9 on my 30 Before 30 list at the same time 🙂

#9 – Attend Yankees vs. Red Sox game at Yankee Stadium

As luck would have it, the final Red Sox/Yankees series of the season was September 23, 24 and 25 at Yankee Stadium. If that’s not perfect, I don’t know what is!I tried getting tickets back in April or May, whenever single game tickets went on sale. And of course that was a bust. So I started stalking StubHub. I’ve bought tickets through eBay before but didn’t have any experience with StubHub. What I loved though was that you could you could set up alerts for certain games, ticket prices and seating. Whenever tickets matching your “criteria” were available, they’d email you. So I began stalking tickets that were in decent sections (without decent prices of course!). I didn’t want to pay a TON over face value so I waited and waited. Towards the end of July, I got lucky (again) and found the perfect tickets! I didn’t want to be with the Bleacher Creatures since that’s hardly an ideal place to be if you’re rooting for any of the Yankees rivals. Especially the Red Sox. I was able to find tickets in the main section near 3rd base. Sold! Literally and figuratively 😉 The hardest part? Keeping it a secret for nearly two months! I am SUCH a bad secret keeper. But I did it. And J was beyond surprised! He had no clue.

Despite the 9-1 ass kicking the Sox got that game, we had a blast!

(it looks like we were much higher than we were?)

Me and J – all decked out in Red Sox gear, obviously 🙂

My other boyfriend – Jacoby Ellsbury *sigh*

My Red Sox adrenaline was in high gear – I almost convinced J to buy tickets to Sunday night’s game. Good thing we didn’t because it went til the 14th inning (and they won!). I would’ve been one tired cookie on Monday! Despite losing miserably, it was so much fun! This might have to become a regular thing when the Sox are in town 🙂

Now I have until September 25, 2012 to come up with a good 2nd anniversary “cotton” or “china” gift. I better start brainstorming!



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4 responses to “30 Before 30 – #9 Done

  1. That’s a great idea for a “paper gift”. We have never done themed gifts along with the anniversaries because neither of us would be creative enough to figure out a way to do gifts we would enjoy fitting the criteria. LOL

    And I’m with you on it being hard to keep a secret. I bought Peter a two hour flight lesson for his bday in December!! It is killing me! I’m glad I could get it out here since I can’t mention it ANYWHERE on the blog. He reads it all…even my comments. Haha!

    • The first year wasn’t terribly difficult but as I looked at future gift traditions, I don’t think it’ll last too long. Some of them are tough! And completely random, LOL.

      Wow, you’ve got a while to keep that a secret!! I get like a little kid – “I know something you don’t know,” haha. That’s so awesome though!! Sounds like an amazing gift!

  2. I give Mr. Beez anniversary gifts according to the tradition. On our 1st anniversary (paper), I gave him a bunch of postcards with sweet things written on them.
    For our 2nd anniversary (cotton), I gave him underwear.
    3rd anniversary is leather, so this could get interesting…although knowing me I’ll probably get him shoes.

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