Review – “My Year with Eleanor – A Memoir” by Noelle Hancock

J got me a Kindle for our one year anniversary – it was my “paper” gift. I use to read a ton before law school and then just slowed down during/after law school. I was excited to get this because it would get me back into the reading swing of things. And, so far, it has! I read on my commute to work every morning so some books take a little longer than others. (use to be only 20 minutes, now I get a little longer to read)

A former colleague of mine recommended one of her recent book club reads – “My Year with Eleanor – A Memoir” by Noelle Hancock. First off, the author lives/d in NYC so right there I knew I’d probably like it. I love being able to relate to places and surroundings in books. Another similar book situated in NYC is “Escape” by Barbara Delinksy (another good read!).

A description of the book, stolen from Amazon:

After losing her high-octane job as an entertainment blogger, Noelle Hancock was lost. About to turn twenty-nine, she’d spent her career writing about celebrities’ lives and had forgotten how to live her own. Unemployed and full of self-doubt, she had no idea what she wanted out of life. She feared change—in fact, she feared almost everything. Once confident and ambitious, she had become crippled by anxiety, lacking the courage required even to attend a dinner party—until inspiration struck one day in the form of a quote on a chalkboard in a coffee shop:

“Do one thing every day that scares you.”
—Eleanor Roosevelt

Painfully timid as a child, Eleanor Roosevelt dedicated herself to facing her fears, a commitment that shaped the rest of her life. With Eleanor as her guide, Noelle spends the months leading up to her thirtieth birthday pursuing a “Year of Fear.” From shark diving to fighter pilot lessons, from tap dancing and stand-up comedy to confronting old boyfriends, her hilarious and harrowing adventures teach her about who she is, and what she can become—lessons she makes vital for all of us.

I seriously couldn’t put the book down. It was so easy to relate to the author. I found myself thinking of all the things that scare me or that I want to do and just don’t do or haven’t done. (See: 30 Before 30 list – I’m making some headway on it though!)


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