30 Before 30 – Weekend Accomplishments

I tackled a couple of items off my 30 before 30 list this weekend (+ Friday!).

Friday morning started off early with a pre-work blood donation (#2 of 5) at the Court near work.  Given that it was 90 degrees that day, it might not have been the best idea but I survived. 3 more donations to complete by November of 2013. I can definitely do that!


(I somehow manage to get gauze that coordinates with my outfit. – Last time = purple)

Saturday morning, we were up bright and early for a tour of the Bronx Zoo. J just became a board member for the MSU Alumni Club of Greater NY and they put together a little event at the Zoo. We had never been to the Zoo before but it was a blast!


I also got a chance to (kinda) see the infamous Bronx Zoo’s Cobra who I obsessively followed on Twitter after his “escape” last year.

After we were completely exhausted, we decided to walk a little further over to Arthur Avenue, the “Little Italy” of the Bronx to fulfill part of my “Eat in all 5 NYC Boroughs”. 3 down, 2 more to go! Still have to check out Queens and Brooklyn. Any suggestions on places to eat?

First stop, we treated ourselves to some of the best iced cappuccinos EVER at De Lillo Pastry Shop.

Next stop found us at Vincent’s Meat Market where we bought some of the most amazing (and fairly inexpensive!) sausages and sopressata. We ended up buying a small styrofoam cooler to keep it all cold while we had dinner.

I’m dying to buy some fresh pasta next time! Especially when it’s 1/4 of the price as the stuff from Eataly.

Last stop was dinner at Mario’s where I was apparently too busy eating to take a picture… Mario’s is a family owned restaurant that’s been around since 1919. I can see why because the food was amazing!

This area was seriously a hidden gem and I will most definitely be back! The only downside was the neighborhood’s proximity (or rather, not so much) to the subway. It’s a bit of a walk through the Bronx to/from the area. We ate dinner slightly early and had no problem walking back to the subway around 6:30. Would I walk around that area in the dark? Probably not…

I didn’t fully complete any 30 before 30 items this weekend but I did chip away at a couple!



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9 responses to “30 Before 30 – Weekend Accomplishments

  1. In Queens try Greek Food in Astoria or Chinese in Flushing! My favorite Brooklyn establishments are Paulie Gee’s for AMAZING brick oven pizza or best steaks at Peter Luger for a special occasion.

  2. Brooklyn – go to L&B Spumoni Gardens. Amazing pizza and spumoni! Queens, depends what you want, but I always recommend 5 Burro Cafe in Forest Hills. Amazing Mexican food!! It’s my favorite place.

  3. Just found your blog, it is so cute I will be sure to follow. I attend college in the Bronx (Fordham) and a favorite spot to check out if you ever head back to Arthur Ave is Michelangelo’s! I love their food so much.

  4. Those iced cappuccinos look amazing!

    • OMG they were SOOO good!! We only meant to order one but were so glad that we got two (despite the price…). They were blended, almost frothy-like? No ice cubes or anything. I’m willing to bet it was whole milk and sugar too which would explain why it was so good, LOL. 😉

  5. Good job for crossing some stuff off the list! We visited NYC in May and I am SO jealous that you live there. We would love to move there someday!!

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