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How Clean is That Restaurant?

In July 2010, nearly 2 years ago, New York City started requiring restaurants to post their health inspection scores in their front windows. Scores ranged from A, B, C or “Grade Pending.” On their website, you could search for scores by location (zip code, neighborhood, etc.) or restaurant name. The results would give you a nice detailed list of their current inspection date and score, any prior inspection dates and score as well as the reason for any points. Any particularly “critical” violations are shown in red.

All in all, it’s a good program and website. I’ve looked at this website a few too many times so I know way too much about it at this point. For example, a restaurant could have mice droppings present and still receive an “A” if everything else is in line. Also, a “Grade Pending” score means a restaurant has contested the grade they were given. So right there you know they didn’t get an A.

Honestly, you kinda have to take the score with a grain of salt. If you take it too seriously, you’ll never be able to go to a restaurant again. Because almost every place has something wrong with it. At the same time, I like it. And what I like even more is that they developed an iPhone App for it too.


(source via iTunes)

It’s called ABCEats NYC and you can get it here. So, New Yorkers, download it now and check out your favorite spots. Or rather, maybe skip the favorites and check out others instead?


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