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Top 5 Tuesday: Celebrity Crushes

Just Peachy

She’s back with “Top 5 Tuesday” – yay! Join and link up with Rachel at Just Peachy!

This Tuesday’s topic? Celebrity Crushes. Mmm.

1. My “Bad Boy” Celebrity Crush – I don’t know what it is about Eminem aside from that “bad boy” appeal. But I’ve been in love with him since I was about 15. Yes, it’s been that long…

2. My “You’re Almost So Young It’s Illegal” Celebrity Crush – Taylor Lautner. Clearly I’m all “Team Jacob” here. Aside from the fact he was born in 1992 (seriously!), I drool. (This picture might have something to do with it too…)

3. My “Athletic” Celebrity Crush – I’m obviously a die-hard Red Sox fan and like to joke that Jacoby Ellsbury is my boyfriend (J is not a fan of those comments…). Now if only he’d get healthy and start playing again! I kinda met him once too. Back in December of 2007, he came to one of the Boston FYE stores (remember that place?) to sign copies of the 2007 World Series DVD. I was working around the corner and decided to stop by to get a DVD signed as part of J’s Christmas gift. I sat outside in the cold, slushy weather for nearly 2 hours. But to see him – oh man. I wish I had the pictures from my old camera phone…

4. My “You Could Maybe Be My Dad” Crush – Again, I think it stems from the whole Jack Bauer, “bad boy” appeal… Especially because he’s apparently a bit of a jerk in real life.

5. My “As Long As You Keep The Cowboy Hat On” Crush – Sorry Kenny Chesney but it’s true. I promise it’s not the hair (or lack there of), you just look better with the hat on…

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Who would you pick for your Top 5?



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