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Bachelorette Weekend

…No, not mine

A friend of mine had her bachelorette party in Atlantic City this weekend. It had been so long since I had gone out with just girls and danced. As bad of a dancer as I am, I still love it.

We stayed in New Jersey on Friday night and then had a limo take us to/from Atlantic City.

The limo down consisted of lots of champagne… (Does anyone else say “sham-payg-nee” in their head as they spell champagne?? Any I the only weird special one?)

Here’s the blurry but beautiful bachelorette popping one of our many bottles…

We checked into our rooms and I snuck a quick shot of the view:

We spend the rest of the afternoon at the pool to try and soak up some last minute sun.  Then our night really began… We got ready and hung out in one room for a little bit before dinner. On our way to dinner, we ran into this cute little fella in the elevator. He said he was going to a wedding but given that it was 9:00pm, I don’t know if I believe him, LOL.

We had dinner reservations at Carmine’s. It’s Italian, family style food. We got a good amount of food but surprisingly didn’t spend that much!

After dinner, we had went to Trump Beach Bar.  We had reserved a cabana/gazebo ahead of time. It was nice because it gave us a guaranteed place to sit and waitress service without requiring bottle service. All in all, it was a fun night! Keeps me feeling young 🙂


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People Aren’t Always Who They Seem

I’ve been on LiveJournal since 2002 and, for the most part, have always been private/friend’s only. It was an easier way to post personally since I knew who was reading. But after this past Friday, I wonder how well I “know” the people reading.

On Friday, I learned that a girl I had been following and talking with a lot on Twitter was not who she said she was. She had basically created a fake version of herself. She claimed she was originally from Michigan and moved to NYC and now worked as an attorney with the DA’s office here. Turned out none of that was true. In actuality, she’s a college student in Michigan. That’s it. Not an attorney, not living in NYC, among other things. She claimed she eloped on vacation recently, had a closet anyone would be jealous of, went on vacation all the time. She created a whole different person of herself. Another Twitter friend posted a blog post detailing a bit more about the situation – you can read it here.

While I felt a little stupid to fall for someone like this, in NYC, anything’s possible so I never doubted what she said. Luckily, I had only started talking to her a month or two ago. She was also on LiveJournal and part of a community on there for 5+ years, including being a moderator/administrator of the community. She developed friendships with a bunch of girls on there for years. And none of it was real. It really made me think about how much I put out there on the internet. Someone on LiveJournal could be fake and I’d likely never know it.

What’s so bizarre is this all came up right as I decided to start a public, non-LiveJournal blog. Man, talk about creating some doubts now! Part of me fears running into people like this again now. Instead I’m going to continue giving people the benefit of the doubt. Maybe it’s being naive or stupid, but I’d like to think this girl was a one in a million and everyone else I encounter online is in fact real. I guess I’m just going to proceed with caution instead?


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