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Workout Motivation

Yesterday I went to the gym at lunch. Yes, in 100* weather. I tried to come up with all sorts of excuses NOT to go but they all failed. J was going and since we work near one another, we often go together. So I sucked it up, grabbed my bag and went.

After I got back, someone at work asked me about my exercise routine and habits. And I have no problem being honest – I don’t work out because I like to. I work out because I have to. Because if I don’t, I can’t partake in “Pop Tart Friday” (I have Pop Tarts for breakfast every Friday morning). Because if I don’t, I can’t eat with reckless abandon (not that I can now, but I’d have to be even more careful if I don’t work out). Because if I don’t, I have to be okay with having cellulite – and I’m not. So I work out. Trust me, I wish I loved it. Hell, I wish I even liked it! Instead, it’s more of a love-hate relationship. I love the results but hate the work/effort. I don’t like sweating either so running has to ideally be done in front of a fan.

Ironically, I came home and was trying to catch up on my Google Reader (which will apparently always have 1,000+ unread items) when I came across a post from Gina at Fitnessista. She was responding to a reader’s request about always finding motivation to work out and eat well. Such appropriate timing!

I recently bought an iPhone and downloaded a food/fitness app: “My Fitness Pal” (they have apps for iPhone, Droid, Blackberry. Plus you can log via the website). It allows me to log my weight, food and exercise. I have a sweet tooth and let it get beyond out of control recently. This app has gotten me a bit back on track with my eating. It helps me to monitor what I eat and watch my calories/sugar intake.

But, as with Fitnessista‘s reader’s request, I have a difficult time always staying motivated to work out. She gave some great suggestions for how to get out of the unmotivated slump which I’ll have to keep in mind next time I get in an unmotivated mood.

What are your tips and tricks for staying motivated to work out and eat well?



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