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How to Use Crystal Tray?

J and I recently got a crystal tray from Tiffany’s. It’s beautiful – see?

Only problem is that we have no clue what to do with it or how to use it.

Anyone living in a Metropolitan area knows that space at home is often limited. We don’t have a fancy dining room filled with items you don’t touch. For the most part, nothing’s hidden away for a “special occasion”. We have items that are out all the time.

So I’m completely clueless as to what to do with this now… It’s about 8″ by 8″ square. My mom suggested placing jewelry on it but the tray is too big for that. A coworker suggested using it for perfumes. Except 1. I have too many and 2. They’re not all pretty to look at. So that’s out too.

So friends, I turn to you! I need help. What can I use this for? Keep in mind I live in a one small-ish bedroom apartment so space is limited.



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