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Wedding ABCs

I found this over at Little Daisy May and thought it would be a fun way to remember my wedding day, two years later! (warning – post is super photo heavy!)

See how we celebrated our first wedding anniversary and our “paper” gifts!

Our Wedding ABCs

We had about 75 guests which was the perfect size for us! 

Just 2 – my sister (maid of honor) and J’s sister. Nice and small 🙂

All food done by 3 West Club – I cannot say enough good things about the food! Not biased because it was my wedding or anything, the food was beyond phenomenal!

Cake by local bakery who I don’t wish to promote because they were hardly professional in handling some day-of issues… Which is a bummer because I loved it.

Allure Bridals from RK Bridal – it was diamond white and came with a single strap which I had removed.

August 30, 2009 at the cliffs at Gay Head, Aquinnah, MA (Martha’s Vineyard)

Two engagement shoots later (click through the picture to the photographer’s blog post for each):

Petals Premier


J’s brother (best man) and childhood friend.

Belatedly taken in May to June, 2011 to Koh Samui, Thailand and Hong Kong

Handmade with tons of design help from Lisa at Elisabeth Events

Justice of the Peace:
Father Joseph Tyrrell at St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Classic NYC black and white cookies

Ladies Night:
Boston – We went to a bar in the North End that has a country cover band on Saturday nights. Right up my alley!

Cocktail Hour – Jeremy Siskind
Reception – Elegant Ensembles

Key songs: Our first dance was to Dave Matthew’s Band “You and Me.” Dad and daughter dance was to Edwin McCain’s “Walk With You” and mother and son dance was to Josh Groban’s “You Raise Me Up.” We cut our cake to James Taylor’s “How Sweet It Is” and my bouquet toss was to Motley Crue’s “Girls, Girls, Girls.” Our last dance of the night was to Michael Buble’s “Save The Last Dance For Me.”

Two years and counting! At what point are we no longer “newlyweds”? I’ll take it as long as I can 🙂

Old, new, borrowed, blue:
Old – I know I had something for each of these but I can’t remember what now… I think “old” was just a piece of jewelry I was wearing maybe?
New – Dress, veil, hair piece – lots of new items!
Borrowed – I think I borrowed earrings. My memory is failing me now!
Blue – Shoes

Kristina Hill Photography

Question popping:
See above response to engagement 🙂

3 West Club


Trash the Dress:
Nope! It’s hanging in a closet at my parents house.

Tony Santana Cigar Rolling Company

Traditional Catholic vows: I, (name), take you, (name), to be my husband/wife. I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. I will love you and honor you all the days of my life.

Wedding Woes:
We almost had a mishap with the cake but luckily everything worked out. All in all, I don’t really have any woes from the day!

Let’s just say Kimi Coopet doesn’t just do family and wedding pictures… 😉

Young kids:
Nope, no kids at this wedding. As for us? Nope, no young kids in our lives either! Yet…

We managed to get some sleep. Luckily a prank by my cousin and sister was revealed, otherwise we would’ve had alarm clocks going off throughout the night! Piece of advice? Make sure your room key doesn’t leave your sight all night!



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Cotton Anniversary

In just over two weeks, J and I will be celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary. Holy crap does time fly by!

I’ve been racking my brain lately to think of a good gift to fit the “cotton” anniversary theme for the 2nd year. Conveniently (of course), TheKnot.com emailed reminding me of my upcoming anniversary and giving me some “fun ideas.” Most of the 2nd anniversary ideas were just ehh – date ideas, gemstones, getaways…

This guide for cotton gifts basically recommended household items. Not sure about you, but that’s not exactly an ideal gift for my husband! What guy wants pillows, an apron or towels?! This guide for “traditional gift ideas” wasn’t exactly helpful either.

(Yes, this is exactly what he could use!)

So I’m back at square one. All I can think of for cotton is clothing but 1. that’s not overly personal or romantic and 2. he has SO much clothing, there’s nothing he really needs. There is this polo I saw but I’m on the fence about it.

Anyone have a creative “cotton” anniversary gift idea?


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Well, we lived to see another day! And another item gets check off the 30 before 30 list 🙂

As I hinted in my last post, we had exciting plans for Saturday – skydiving at Sky’s the Limit in East Stroudsburg, PA (*highly* recommend this place!!) J had mentioned wanting to skydive for quite some time. A former co-worker of mine works at Sky’s the Limit on the weekends. So I told J I was game for jumping, only if we went to his place. Which is where we found ourselves yesterday (it was my Valentine’s Day gift to J).

We had insanely perfect weather! It was absolutely gorgeous out. We both got home with a little sun burn even!

I leave you with these:

Getting ready

Our plane

Nervous wave

J in free fall (my view from the plane – holy sh*t!)

J loved it.

Yep, that would be my initial reaction. Attractive, no?

Finally enjoying the freefall!

Check out that view!

It was truly an unreal experience! I don’t think I can put into words what it was like. If you’ve ever considered skydiving, do it!


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30 Before 30 – #9 Done

As I blogged earlier this week, Sunday September 25, 2011 was our one year wedding anniversary. Accordingly to “wedding traditions,” the traditional first year gift is paper and the modern first year gift is clocks. So, anyone following these gift customs has a choice between something paper themed or something clocked themed. J and I both took the paper route. And I was a little selfish and also completed item #9 on my 30 Before 30 list at the same time 🙂

#9 – Attend Yankees vs. Red Sox game at Yankee Stadium

As luck would have it, the final Red Sox/Yankees series of the season was September 23, 24 and 25 at Yankee Stadium. If that’s not perfect, I don’t know what is!I tried getting tickets back in April or May, whenever single game tickets went on sale. And of course that was a bust. So I started stalking StubHub. I’ve bought tickets through eBay before but didn’t have any experience with StubHub. What I loved though was that you could you could set up alerts for certain games, ticket prices and seating. Whenever tickets matching your “criteria” were available, they’d email you. So I began stalking tickets that were in decent sections (without decent prices of course!). I didn’t want to pay a TON over face value so I waited and waited. Towards the end of July, I got lucky (again) and found the perfect tickets! I didn’t want to be with the Bleacher Creatures since that’s hardly an ideal place to be if you’re rooting for any of the Yankees rivals. Especially the Red Sox. I was able to find tickets in the main section near 3rd base. Sold! Literally and figuratively 😉 The hardest part? Keeping it a secret for nearly two months! I am SUCH a bad secret keeper. But I did it. And J was beyond surprised! He had no clue.

Despite the 9-1 ass kicking the Sox got that game, we had a blast!

(it looks like we were much higher than we were?)

Me and J – all decked out in Red Sox gear, obviously 🙂

My other boyfriend – Jacoby Ellsbury *sigh*

My Red Sox adrenaline was in high gear – I almost convinced J to buy tickets to Sunday night’s game. Good thing we didn’t because it went til the 14th inning (and they won!). I would’ve been one tired cookie on Monday! Despite losing miserably, it was so much fun! This might have to become a regular thing when the Sox are in town 🙂

Now I have until September 25, 2012 to come up with a good 2nd anniversary “cotton” or “china” gift. I better start brainstorming!


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Happy 1st Anniversary!

One year ago today, I married my best friend.

It was a perfect NYC-filled wedding and I couldn’t have asked for a better day!

The reception was a ball – starting with our first dance!

The dance floor was filled the entire night!

And included some fishing moves (times two!) 🙂

Followed by a perfect end to the evening.

Fantastic day with fantastic family and friends.

This year has been nothing but amazing! I can’t wait for to see what the future holds for us ❤

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