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The Naked Face Project

Has anyone ever heard of The Naked Face Project? I saw Gina link to it earlier this week and was intrigued.

From the FAQ page:

What are you giving up as part of The Naked Face Project?

For sixty days, we will give up wearing any makeup, removing any body hair, altering our hair from its natural state (dying, curling, straightening), wearing uncomfortable feminine clothing (high heels, tight skirts), wearing jewelry (with the exception of wedding bands), painting our nails, using anti-wrinkle or anti-acne lotions, wearing deodorant, or styling our hair for reasons other than function.

Now, it’s called The Naked FACE Project but apparently applies to more than just the face – body, hair, apparel, jewelry, etc. Aside from all the non-face things, I’m kinda intrigued by it. Part of me would love to try something like this (one day…) but part of me doesn’t think I’d have the balls to.

It’s interesting to look back at how my beauty routine has changed throughout the years and how much more (or less) time it takes. I’m too embarrassed to post how long it takes me to get ready in the morning but let’s just say a while… I honestly don’t know what I do. I don’t have my phone with me or anything. Some of it is time just spent sitting, if you will. Dilly dallying? (Totally felt like my mom there…) I do wash/dry/flat iron my hair every morning. Regardless, it definitely takes me longer to get ready than it should.

One day I’m not going to have all that time (aka when there’s a baby involved) and I need to figure out some shortcuts aside from cutting it shorter. My hair’s pretty thin so wearing it down and unwashed is out of the question. But maybe up? I just haven’t figured out to put it up yet. (Any ideas for day-old “up dos”?!) My hair salon, Arrojo, just came out with a new dry shampoo called ReFinish. It is AWESOME. My colorist used it on my clean hair last time and I could seriously feel a difference where it was sprayed. It’s a dry shampoo but can be used just as much on clean hair – it adds a nice boost to your roots! I bought a cheapy drugstore dry shampoo eons ago and don’t really like it. I’m dying to use it up so I can buy this stuff.

Aside from the hair is the makeup. I need to figure out some shortcuts there too. One thing that’s been helping is my Clarisonic (I requested it for Valentine’s Day). I have temperamental skin but have definitely noticed a difference since using this. Added plus, with cleaner skin comes less makeup! Shocking, I know. I’ve noticed I haven’t had to use as much foundation/concealer/etc. (or as often as I had been). So right there is a little time saver.

Another new time saver I’ve found comes courtesy of BzzAgent.  I recently received a new product from Garnier called Miracle Skin Protector BB Cream.  If, like me, you’ve never heard of BB Cream before, check out this Wikipedia page with a little 411 on BB Cream. A short summary from the Garnier website:

B.B. Cream is a hybrid formula that offers advanced skincare + immediate skin perfecting coverage in one single beauty product.

So you can see how it’s a time saver! It has built-in SPF so one product now replaces my moisturizer AND foundation. Can’t get any more awesome than that!

I’ve been cutting back on the makeup on the weekends. Maybe one of these days I’ll venture out to work like that too? In the meantime, I’ll have to keep The Naked Face Project in the back of my mind to try. One day…

Any tips on simplifying your morning routine?
What’s your day old hairstyle?
And the Mom’s out there, how has your routine changed? Or hasn’t it?



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