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Bachelorette Weekend

…No, not mine

A friend of mine had her bachelorette party in Atlantic City this weekend. It had been so long since I had gone out with just girls and danced. As bad of a dancer as I am, I still love it.

We stayed in New Jersey on Friday night and then had a limo take us to/from Atlantic City.

The limo down consisted of lots of champagne… (Does anyone else say “sham-payg-nee” in their head as they spell champagne?? Any I the only weird special one?)

Here’s the blurry but beautiful bachelorette popping one of our many bottles…

We checked into our rooms and I snuck a quick shot of the view:

We spend the rest of the afternoon at the pool to try and soak up some last minute sun.  Then our night really began… We got ready and hung out in one room for a little bit before dinner. On our way to dinner, we ran into this cute little fella in the elevator. He said he was going to a wedding but given that it was 9:00pm, I don’t know if I believe him, LOL.

We had dinner reservations at Carmine’s. It’s Italian, family style food. We got a good amount of food but surprisingly didn’t spend that much!

After dinner, we had went to Trump Beach Bar.  We had reserved a cabana/gazebo ahead of time. It was nice because it gave us a guaranteed place to sit and waitress service without requiring bottle service. All in all, it was a fun night! Keeps me feeling young 🙂


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