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The Shops at Target

Happy Monday! And it’s already half over…

Did anyone get the chance to check out The Shops at Target this weekend?

A lot like its other partnerships (Calypso, Missoni, Jason Wu, etc.), Target has partnered with the owners of five specialty stores and boutiques throughout the U.S. to create collections specifically for Target stores.  From my understanding, I think this will be an ongoing program featuring different stores?

Debuting yesterday were five collections from five different product categories:

  • The Candy Store (San Francisco)
  • Cos Bar (Aspen)
  • Polka Dog Bakery (Boston)
  • Privet House (Connecticut)
  • The Webster (Miami)

I made sure this weekend included a trip to Target to check out these new shops. Particularly because Polka Dog Bakery holds a special spot in my heart (and in Winston’s belly too!) When we lived in Boston, we frequented Peter’s Park which had an awesomely huge dog park!


After the park meant a trip to Polka Dog!


They always have water outside for dogs which is a plus if your dog is a snob like mine and won’t drink out of the park bubbler (fountain?). Inside = the most amazing dog treats and bones! We’re talking flavors like Peanut Butter Oatmeal Crunch, Carob Chip Puppy Dough, Queso Fundido, Treatza Pizza and Chicken Kung Pug. And in the cutest shapes – stars, hearts, little bones. They’re priced by the ounce so you can try every flavor! And, by you, I mean your dog. 😉 Definitely try them all. SO worth it!


Winston’s other favorites? Chicken poppers and any variety of bully stick – braids, rings, sticks! Moo tubes and toothpicks? Yes please!

Not gonna lie, Polka Dog is one of the things I miss most about Boston. Luckily my sister lives there now so we (Winston really) try to guilt her into stopping by for some treats and bullies for the holidays. Ya know, Winston’s birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day… Things like that 😉

But, if you’re not in the Boston area, you’re not out of luck. Polka Dog treats are sold in various retailers across the U.S. (see here for where to find them) and now at Target! Yes, my weekend included a trip to Target purely for some Polka Dog treats. Winston was a very happy pug.

While I was there, I scoped out some of the other Shops that debuted. The Webster was featured front and center in the women’s department and had some extremely cute clothes! I’m definitely going back this week to try some on. My favorites:

View the rest of the collection here! As well as all of the other Shops.

Did you check out The Shops this weekend? I can’t possibly be the only person who shops Target on a weekly basis… 😉



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Old Navy – $8 Cardigans

Tomorrow Old Navy has select cardigans onsale for only $8! I’m in heaven.

Only problem? I need another cardigan like I need a hole in the head. I have more cardigans than any person should own at one time. I’ve been known to wear them for an entire week without realizing it. Until my boss calls me out on it (true story, I had a boss once comment on my uniform of cardigans). So, someone please go buy some $8 cardigans! I want to shop vicariously through you.

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Updated! – Online Sales, Daily Deals and More

The whole online sample sale/discount site isn’t really a new concept anymore. If you’re not familiar, they’re basically online private sales that last for a limited time, anywhere from 24-72 hours. At one point, a lot of them were invite only. Some still are but most aren’t. I’ve amassed quite a list of sites that I receive emails from almost daily.

Women’s, men’s and children’s clothing, beauty products, home furnishings and cookware and travel getaways:

Rue La La – recent sales: Vineyard Vines, Puma, Theory, Nicole Miller, Yves Saint Laurent, Birkenstock
Gilt Groupe – recent sales: Ralph Lauren Black Label, Vera Wang
Haute Look – recent sales: Marc Jacobs, Original Penguin, Vivienne Tam
Swirl by DailyCandy – recent sales: Ray Ban, Charlotte Ronson, Paige Denim
Ideeli – recent sales: Havianas, Cuisinart, Dolce & Gabbana, French Connection
The Outnet – recent sales: Herve Leger, Calvin Klein, Stella McCartney, Donna Karan
Editors’ Closet – recent sales: Fendi, Tom Ford, Prada, Stella McCartney
Billion Dollar Babes – recent sales: 7 for All Mankind, Michael Kors, Antik Denim
Beyond the Rack – recent sales: Nicole Miller, Nautica, Tahari, Bottega Veneta
Lot18 – discounted wines and specialty foods
Invino – insider wine sales, up to 80% off retail prices
Totsy – for moms (current and soon-to-be), kids and babies (ages 0-8)
Zozi – unique activities (outdoor/sports-based deals)
NEW – COMING SOON: Fab – design sales
Biva – fragrances, cosmetics, skin care, accessories – recent sales: Victoria’s Secret and Kenneth Cole fragrances, Borghese skin care

Travel deals only:

TripAlertz – new deals posted every Tuesday – the more that buy, the lower the price

Other sites with daily deals (note: some are location-specific to your city):

Groupon – available almost everywhere now!
LivingSocial – available almost everywhere too!
No More Rack – 8 daily deals posted every day at 12pm, $2 flat shipping per item
kgbdeals – available in most major cities
BuyWithMe – available in cities
Tippr – available in 14 cities
theDealist – available in 5 cities
BlackboardEats – restaurant deals in NY, LA, and SF only
ScoutMob – mobile food deals in 13 cities
Lifebooker – NYC and LA – discounts on beauty services
ADDED 5/17/11: Scoop St – NYC only deals

Note: Some (not all) of the links are referral links. If you sign up through my personalized link, I get a discount or credit to use on their site.

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Attempted Fashion

The legal profession is not exactly known as the most fashionable of professions. In fact, most corporate-type occupations are limited when it comes to fashion.

For me, I have to wear nylons/pantyhose/tights from Labor Day to Memorial Day, give or take. Basically, I wear them until it gets too hot outside to be comfortable. Unless I’m going to Court for something important. And then they usually come right off afterwards. 😉 So fashionable = patterned tights in the winter. I know, very adventurous. But there’s only so much you can do. How fashionable can a suit really be? Although I must admit, I do have some cute suits!

Today I was in Court, as usual. It was a more informal appearance so I decided to wear a black dress in honor of the warm weather. I tried to find a picture online but no luck. I bought it at Ann Taylor Loft back in November 2008 and it’s the perfect work-appropriate “little black dress”. It’s sleeveless, slightly scoop neck and pencil style and came with a skinny black belt around the waist. I’ve worn it with a slightly form-fitting button down underneath, a short sleeve turtleneck, or with a cardigan over itwhen it’s warmer out.

I thought the “cardigan over” would work today since the temperature was suppose to get into the high 70s (not that I usually get outside to feel it). Except it wasn’t the best choice for Court since my appearance may have needed a little more interaction than normal. Back to the closet I went and I came up with a single-button black blazer that I haven’t worn in forever. It’s on the longer side and not exactly a “go to” item. Today I decided to try and get a little more adventurous… I cuffed the sleeves to create more of the “boyfriend blazer” look. Like this:

Mine wasn’t patterned inside the sleeves, just black, but I think it worked. Despite the almost head to toe black, I liked it. I’m usually into color so it was a little dark for me. But I think I might try the blazer again sometime with skinny jeans or something. I was a little excited for myself since I don’t usually go out on a limb when it comes to fashion. I tend to stick with what I know (or think) works. Ask J. When we met in school, I lived in zip up hoodies. No matter what I had on, 9 times out of 10 there was a zip up hoodie with me. Post-law school I graduated (no pun intended) into cardigans. I have been known to wear cardigans every single day. Usually without realizing it either. I don’t change up my accessories much. It can get a little boring. I’ve been trying to add little things here and there: a different necklace or earrings, patterned tights… At least until my wallet allows for purchasing more expensive (I use that term loosely) items.

I admit, I don’t have the best “fashion” foresight. Luckily, there are other people out there who DO have a great eye towards fashion! A couple of my frequently read fashion blogs:

Corporette – geared towards young professional women and focuses on fashion and lifestyle. Features daily clothing items along with “Splurge Monday”, “Bargain Friday”, “Suit of the Week” and “Coffee Break” (accessories)

Blog Fashion – Londyn posts pictures of her daily outfits along with variations on the same pieces (worn during different seasons, with different accessories, etc.)

Wardrobe Oxygen – Alison posts pictures of her daily outfits along with great “how to”/”Ask Allie” and other informative posts. Not all of her outfits work in the more corporate world but they give me great ideas for my own wardrobe!

What are your personal fashion tips? Do you accessorize, buy new “in season” items? How do you make your wardrobe work for you?

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Family Gift Ideas

How many of you still get birthday gifts for your parents? What about Mother’s/Father’s Day gifts?

J’s family isn’t really a gift-giving family so he doesn’t do either. I still do both. Mother’s Day is beginning to turn into a flowers holiday which my mom likes (I think?) since she doesn’t usually get flowers. But when it comes to birthdays, and even Christmas, I’m at a loss for ideas a lot of the time. With Christmas, it’s a little easier because I can straight out ask for ideas. But it’s harder with birthdays since they usually sneak up on me.

This year I went the online ordering route and decided to get my Mom something kinda NYC-related.

Ideas I considered?

Garrett Popcorn
While delicious fresh and warm, I wasn’t sure how it would be via mail. And while delicious period, it’s pricey. 1 gallon tins range from $25-59 but you can’t get mixed flavors at this size. 2 gallon tins range from $46-82 and you can get split tins (aka half caramel, half cheese OR divided in thirds). Add $9.95 shipping for either size (3.5 gallon and bigger cost more to ship) and before you know it you’re spending a pretty penny! Not to say my Mom isn’t worth it but for popcorn?

Junior’s Cheesecake
Similar issue as Garrett Popcorn. While definitely tasty, cheesecake is far from cheap. And I don’t think my Mom is a huge cheesecake fan. So I looked into ordering but nixed the idea anyways. Prices start around $32.95 for an 8″ cheesecake. All sorts of flavors are available too but some come at a price. Some options: $42.95 for Strawberry Cheesecake, $32.95 for Raspberry Swirl, $36.95 for an 8″ Sampler (plain, raspberry swirl, chocolate ganache, cherry crumb), $39.95 for Devil’s Food. You get the idea… Again, 2-day shipping is $11 for one cake, $18 for two. So the price adds up.

Cannoli’s from Caffe Palermo in Little Italy
Caffe Palermo is mine and J’s bakery of choice in Little Italy. We’ve taken my parents there before. And really, who doesn’t love cannoli’s?! If you’re ever in NYC, you must look them up! Or if you live here, try them next time you’re in Little Italy! They have a big sign over the front door that says “Best Cannoli on Planet Earth”. (Reminds me of the scene in Elf where he sees the sign in front of this little restaurant that says “World’s Best Cup of Coffee” – you can watch it here – LOVE that movie!) Anyways, I was excited to see they offered ordering. But by phone. And I’m lazy. And was trying to order her gift over the weekend. So I passed on that one.

As you can see, shipping ended up being a big expense. I tried signing up for online newsletters since some companies give you an immediate discount just for signing up but no luck there.

So, what did I end up getting her?

I went off the Garrett Popcorn idea. My parents sent me popcorn tins from The Popcorn Factory (btw, for a little care package gift, it’s really good and not super expensive!) in college and law school but I wanted something NYCish, if possible. So I took to Google. Because really, what CAN’T you find via Google these days?!

Enter Dale and Thomas’ Popcorn – straight out of NJ and according to The Today Show, “The Rolls Royce of Popcorn”. Now, I haven’t tried it first hand but it seemed to be a safe gamble and they had some awesome popcorn flavors! They have popcorn tins (like Garrett and The Popcorn Factory) but I opted for their “6 Bag Sampler”:

Each box includes 6 foot-long sized bags of popcorn and each bag serves approximately 2-4 people. Four different flavor combos are available (view website for list of flavors included with each combo): Country Munchy, Simply Scrumptious, Chocolate Overload and This and That. And, you can also select a “Sampler” with special packaging including birthday, thank you, congratulations, holiday-specific (Easter is currently available), anniversary and welcome themes.

We’ll see what she thinks!!

Do you still get your parent’s birthday gifts? If so, what do you get them? Do you ask them for ideas or come up with them on your own? Share your ideas!!

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