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A to Z

This little survey seems to make it’s round in the blogger world every now and then. And apparently it’s back! Since I have yet to do it, why not now?!

A is for age: Ripe ol’ age of 28. I’m clearly no longer “mid” 20s but late. Womp womp.

B is for breakfast today: Breakfast is split into two these days: 5 egg whites and coffee around 6am at home, oatmeal mixed with vanilla protein powder and cinnamon and more coffee around 9:30ish at work.

C is for currently craving: Nothing in particular. Just my morning snack but it’s too early for that! And possibly a Shamrock Shake. I tried to make my own healthy version last night. Let’s just say it was a complete fail.

D is for dinner tonight: Haven’t decided yet… Maybe chicken sausages with sweet potato fries? (And tots for the husband!) 

E is for favorite type of exercise: First, Pilates. Second, anything strength training. I’m not really a fan of cardio.

F is for an irrational fear: I’m terrified of bees (wasps, hornets, all of the above…) I’ve been stung before, I know I won’t die. But yet if one flies near me, I will not stand still, I’m booking it outta there!

G is for gross food: Gross is kinda harsh… There are a lot of foods I dislike though? Mostly veggies.

H is for hometown: Can I have more than one? Born/grew up a little in Wisconsin, rest of childhood was in New Hampshire.

I is for something important: My little family – J and Winston (Winston just finished attacking him with kisses here. And yes, by standing on the back of the couch)

J is for current favorite jam: I’m unbiased, I like them all! Strawberry, raspberry, grape, you name it.

K is for kids: Just a four-legged one right now! One day 🙂

L is for current location: Currently, at work so White Plains, NY.

M is for the most recent way you spent money: Ugh, yesterday our car had it’s 90,000 mile check-up. Which was not cheap at all. Boo.

N is for something you need: Truthfully, I don’t need anything really. Well, a new pair of casual black heels. They’ve been next to impossible to find. Need a heel but a little chunkier so I can walk longer in them. Not pumps or anything and not really feeling wedges. Kinda like the loafer style that’s been out. I’ve looked everywhere… Any help?!

O is for occupation: Attorney

P is for pet peeve: I find I have a lot of pet peeves lately. I blame that on NYC 😉 Off the top of my head? People who randomly stop in front of you, in the middle of the sidewalk, at the top of the stairs, etc. Drives me insane!

Q is for a quote: I’m ALL about quotes (see here for more proof). I think there’s a perfect quote for almost every life situation.

R is for random fact about you: Up until about two weeks ago when it broke, I still wore my retainer to bed. Only once a week usually. Been doing it since I was 14! Not sure whether to get a new one now?

S is for favorite healthy snack: Trail mix isn’t really healthy but I like it. Also like Chobani with Kashi Go Lean mixed in, apples, banana with peanut butter wrapped in a tortilla. I have lots because I like to eat!

T is for favorite treat: Anything with sugar. I have such a sweet tooth! I love me some candy, desserts, everything!

Hah, I wish!


U is for something that makes you unique: Oh geez. I have no idea? I mean, I know I’m unique (I have to be, right?!) but a reason why? You got me…

V is for favorite vegetable: Sweet potato! Mmm. Although the best way to make it isn’t healthy AT ALL (marshmallows or fluff, cinnamon, brown sugar – soo good!).

W is for today’s workout: Today is a rest day! Woo whoo. After 3 days in a row of Phase 2 of Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Trainer (that’s a whole separate post in and of itself!), my body needs it!

X is for X-rays you’ve had: Dental (obviously), left arm (armpit area?), stomach area. I think that’s it?

Y is for yesterday’s highlight: March Madness. #1 Seed. Enough said. Bring it!


Z is for your time zone: Eastern time zone.


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