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Washington Bound!

Bright and early tomorrow morning, I will be en route cross-country to the beautiful state of Washington for the long weekend! Check out some of the activities we have planned:

Three nights of Dave Matthews Band at one of the best venues in the world.


Pike Place Market

The Space Needle

Leavenworth, a Bavarian style village

Wineries of Yakima Valley

(guess who will be tailgating with wine?!)

Hope everyone enjoys their long Labor Day weekend! See you in September!


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Winston’s Weekend Series

For those of you who follow me on Twitter (if not, you should! – @LindsayInNYC), you may have seen my weekend series of pictures…

It started with the “Winston Under a Bench” series – my personal favorite 😉

Waiting in Woods Hole for the ferry. Mind you, all these photos were taken upside down so he was basically under the bench below my butt.

Sitting outside on the top deck of the ferry. If you ever plan on owning a pug, they do NOT do well in the heat! I think they will adapt to it over time but since Winston is primarily inside, he has not. To be fair, it was a steamy 90+ degrees out that day.

 This is the same picture as above but the view I had when I turned around and looked over the seat back. The guy sitting behind us enjoyed it.

Outside eating breakfast. Creeper.

This was the view I had below me – basically between my legs.

Heading back on the ferry. We decided to sit inside this time. For his sake.


Since Winston previously decided to pee on our bed (and the feather bed on top of it) more than once, he’s not allowed on it anymore. We make an exception when we’re travelling though.

Passed out in a Wee ball.

Chillin like a villain.

Life is rough

And there you have it – how Winston spent his time on Martha’s Vineyard (plus a few too many treats from Good Dog Goods!).


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The City of Brotherly Love

I realize it’s only Tuesday (well, almost Wednesday…) but I can’t help but look forward to the weekend. Especially when it’s a three-day weekend!

Usually, J and I try to head north to my parent’s lake house on Winnipesaukee for three-day weekends. It’s getting harder to make the trek though – life keeps getting in the way 😉 We didn’t get to go up much last summer because our honeymoon and two holiday weekend weddings got in the way. Unfortunately this summer isn’t looking much better which is a bummer because I love the lake!

This Memorial Day weekend takes us to Philly.


Good friends of ours will be town for a wedding that weekend so we’re meeting up. I’m extra excited to see them because they’re expecting their first little one!

At our wedding. They were groomsmen in each other’s wedding.

We try to visit Philly a couple of times a year. Each visit usually includes the following:


We love Reading Terminal Market.  We usually stop by Blue Mountain Vineyard’s store for some wine. (J is *obsessed* with their Cabernet Franc!) And grab some goodies from one of the Pennsylvania Dutch vendors. They have awesome fruit butters, oatmeal and granola! Nevermind the fresh-baked goods – yum!

During one of our first visits down there, way back in 2007, we stumbled across THE most amazing bar. No joke. Eulogy Belgian Tavern.


Eulogy has a menu of over 300 bottled beers (you name it – international, domestic craft, strong, fruit, etc.) and 21 different draught beers. We’ve been known to park ourselves at the bar for a few too many hours… It’s just that awesome of a place. Upstairs, near the bathroom, they have this “coffin room” – each table is a glass-topped coffin with a plastic skeleton inside.

A couple of years ago, the owners of Eulogy opened another restaurant nearby, Beneluxx, which has a huge beer selection as well and specializes in fondue. Simply mention fondue and J and I will be there!


That’s usually what our Philly visits consist of – Reading Terminal Market, beer and fondue. Nothing wrong with that, right? 😉

We’ve done Independence Hall (slash the Liberty Bell through the window), the Rocky Statute and cheese steaks at Pat’s and Geno’s. I tried looking for events for Memorial Day weekend but found nothing of interest.

Anyone ever been to Philly? Any other suggestions of things to do/see?


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Top 5 Tuesday: Best Things About Summer

Just Peachy

Link up with Rachel at Just Peachy!

1. Vacations

Since going to Puerto Rico for Thanksgiving, we haven’t really had a vacation. Yes we went to TN for a long weekend but I’m talking relaxing, beach-y vacation. I have a bunch of trips coming up in the second half of the year and I cannot wait. The first is in July and will consist of a lot of this:

and this:


2. Iced Coffee. Preferably coconut flavored. So good.

3. Fruit
For the longest time (high school to last summer), I haven’t been able to eat most fresh fruits without my lips and mouth getting itchy and swollen. Finally, last summer I saw a new allergist and got a patch test done which revealed a million and one allergies (no joke, I’m on 3 drugs for it!). Turns out, all of my outdoor allergies cause a reaction with fruits – it’s called oral allergy syndrome. Weird but interesting. Now, a little Zyrtec in the morning (every morning, every day) and fresh fruit is my best friend! So I’m making up for lost time and eating a TON of fruit. We’re just nearing fruit season and I’m so excited for all sorts of berries!
4. Sun & Sand (okay, pool)
My current apartment building has a pool which I’m going to miss terribly next year when we move. So this summer I will be taking FULL advantage of it, every possible weekend!
5. Concerts
Right now, there are only 2 on tap for this summer, but I’m just as excited!
Can’t wait to see these fine men:

And this man:

What are YOUR best things about summer?


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Looking Forward

Today has been a bit of a rough, headachy day. My paralegal/secretary and I butted heads significantly this morning and it just set the tone for the day (those of you on Twitter know the story… PS – Follow me! @LindsayInNYC). I kept my door shut for most of the day but now I’m looking forward. The day is almost over, the week is half over and I have SO much to look forward to in these upcoming months. A little sneak peek of my 2012 vacations?






Any guesses where I’ll be headed this year?


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Bachelorette Weekend

…No, not mine

A friend of mine had her bachelorette party in Atlantic City this weekend. It had been so long since I had gone out with just girls and danced. As bad of a dancer as I am, I still love it.

We stayed in New Jersey on Friday night and then had a limo take us to/from Atlantic City.

The limo down consisted of lots of champagne… (Does anyone else say “sham-payg-nee” in their head as they spell champagne?? Any I the only weird special one?)

Here’s the blurry but beautiful bachelorette popping one of our many bottles…

We checked into our rooms and I snuck a quick shot of the view:

We spend the rest of the afternoon at the pool to try and soak up some last minute sun.  Then our night really began… We got ready and hung out in one room for a little bit before dinner. On our way to dinner, we ran into this cute little fella in the elevator. He said he was going to a wedding but given that it was 9:00pm, I don’t know if I believe him, LOL.

We had dinner reservations at Carmine’s. It’s Italian, family style food. We got a good amount of food but surprisingly didn’t spend that much!

After dinner, we had went to Trump Beach Bar.  We had reserved a cabana/gazebo ahead of time. It was nice because it gave us a guaranteed place to sit and waitress service without requiring bottle service. All in all, it was a fun night! Keeps me feeling young 🙂

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