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Winston’s Weekend Series

For those of you who follow me on Twitter (if not, you should! –¬†@LindsayInNYC), you may have seen my weekend series of pictures…

It started with the “Winston Under a Bench” series – my personal favorite ūüėČ

Waiting in Woods Hole for the ferry. Mind you, all these photos were taken upside down so he was basically under the bench below my butt.

Sitting outside on the top deck of the ferry. If you ever plan on owning a pug, they do NOT do well in the heat! I think they will adapt to it over time but since Winston is primarily inside, he has not. To be fair, it was a steamy 90+ degrees out that day.

 This is the same picture as above but the view I had when I turned around and looked over the seat back. The guy sitting behind us enjoyed it.

Outside eating breakfast. Creeper.

This was the view I had below me – basically between my legs.

Heading back on the ferry. We decided to sit inside this time. For his sake.


Since¬†Winston previously decided to pee on our bed (and the feather bed on top of it) more than once, he’s not allowed on it anymore. We make an exception when we’re travelling though.

Passed out in a Wee ball.

Chillin like a villain.

Life is rough

And there you have it – how Winston spent his time on Martha’s Vineyard (plus a few too many treats from Good Dog Goods!).



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The Shops at Target

Happy Monday! And it’s already half over…

Did anyone get the chance to check out The Shops at Target this weekend?

A lot like its other partnerships (Calypso, Missoni, Jason Wu, etc.), Target has partnered with the owners of five specialty stores and boutiques throughout the U.S. to create collections specifically for Target stores.  From my understanding, I think this will be an ongoing program featuring different stores?

Debuting yesterday were five collections from five different product categories:

  • The Candy Store (San Francisco)
  • Cos Bar (Aspen)
  • Polka Dog Bakery (Boston)
  • Privet House (Connecticut)
  • The Webster (Miami)

I made sure this weekend included a¬†trip to Target to check out these new shops. Particularly because Polka Dog Bakery holds a special spot in my heart (and in Winston’s belly too!) When we lived in Boston, we frequented Peter’s Park¬†which had an awesomely huge dog park!


After the park meant a trip to Polka Dog!


They always have water outside for dogs which is a plus if your dog is a snob like mine and won’t drink out of the park bubbler¬†(fountain?). Inside = the most amazing dog treats and bones! We’re talking flavors like Peanut Butter Oatmeal Crunch, Carob Chip Puppy Dough, Queso¬†Fundido, Treatza Pizza and¬†Chicken Kung Pug. And in the cutest shapes – stars, hearts, little bones.¬†They’re¬†priced¬†by the ounce so you can¬†try every flavor! And, by you, I mean your dog. ūüėČ Definitely try them all. SO worth it!


Winston’s other favorites? Chicken poppers and any variety of bully stick – braids, rings, sticks! Moo tubes and toothpicks? Yes please!

Not gonna lie, Polka Dog is one of the things I miss most about Boston. Luckily my sister lives there now so we (Winston really)¬†try to guilt her into stopping by for some treats and bullies for the holidays. Ya know, Winston’s birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day… Things like that ūüėČ

But, if you’re not in the Boston area, you’re not out of luck. Polka Dog treats are sold in various retailers across the U.S.¬†(see here for where to find them) and now at Target! Yes, my weekend included a trip to Target purely for some Polka Dog treats. Winston was a very happy pug.

While I was there, I scoped out some of the other Shops that debuted. The Webster was featured front and center in the women’s department and had some extremely cute clothes! I’m definitely going back this week to try some on. My favorites:

View the rest of the collection here! As well as all of the other Shops.

Did you check out The Shops this weekend? I can’t possibly be the only person who shops Target on a weekly basis… ūüėČ


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