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Love What You Do

Oh hey, remember me? I started this blog and then work sucked the life out of me and this fell to the wayside? Well, hopefully no more…

I only vaguely touched on how miserable I was at my last job (this post barely touches on things). But yeah, I wasn’t happy for a multitude of reasons. So, not to dwell on the negative, I’m happy to announce I have a NEW job! Same area of law, new firm. I started last week and so far I really love it. The atmosphere and environment are totally different. And overall a MUCH better fit for me. I did take on a longer commute, basically double what it was, but it hasn’t been too bad. Waking up earlier than the sun isn’t all that enjoyable but once I get into a good routine and get to sleep earlier, I think my body (and energy levels) will adjust.

The best way to sum things up, as of lately, in the words of Steve Jobs:

Here’s to more updated posts! 🙂


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Exhaustion and an Ideal Law Firm

It’s been quite the month. I feel like it’s Thursday and yet it’s only Tuesday. Not a good sign for the rest of the week. Have to make it through this week and next week and then it’s honeymoon time! And two weeks sans work. MUCH needed. I’ve been a stressed, tired, cranky, irritable (really, you name it) girl lately. Definitely not enjoyable to be around.

Work has been tiring lately. For those familiar with the legal world, we’re slaves to the billable hour. I previously worked at a plaintiff’s firm which took most matters on a contingency basis. My current firm is all hourly though and thus billable hours matter. You slip behind one day and you’re forever trying to catch up. At least that’s how I feel. I came in last weekend which kinda helped. I planned on coming in this past weekend to try and catch up before leaving on vacation but wasn’t able to. J’s grandfather passed away last weekend so I headed to the wonderful Midwest for the weekend. Due to all sorts of weather problems, our flight back on Sunday was a disaster. We were suppose to get in around 7:30pm. We didn’t end up landing until just after 3:00am. So now it’s Tuesday and I’m just as exhausted as if it were Friday.

A fellow attorney recently blogged about her “Ideal Law Firm“.  Not gonna lie, I wouldn’t mind working at a firm like that! Maybe it would make me feel a little less cranky today?

To sum up her ideal law firm, it has the following (note, I shortened her post but didn’t remove or change anything of substance):

Offices: Ample shelf-space, windows, doors that may be shut for privacy, name plates, various options of lighting, soundproofed walls are soundproofed, equipped with own iHome to allow attorneys to self-stimulate with music or self-soothe with silence. 

Gym: On site gym with free weights, TRX ropes, various nautilus machines, cardio machines (full stair mills, stair steppers, climbers, ellipticals, treadmills, rowing machines), pool with both a lap lane section and a recreational section.

Infirmary & Pharmacy (with Dental): It will increase billables by preventing lawyers from getting sick.  It will increase billables by shortening the time lawyers have to spend out of the office at doctors’ appointments or in the E.R.

Apartments: Having apartments on site is kind of like college. Apartments on site will also let tired lawyers be able to go to sleep in their beds for power naps rather than be forced to lay on the floor or across their cabinets as they’re wading their way through due diligence at 3 am.

Spa:  It’s a stressful life we lead and studies have proven, that stress leads to health problems.  Therefore a spa is totally necessary. So basically this spa will be for stressed out lawyers to get massages and acupuncture and facials and whatever else they need to de-stress.  Also, the spa is 24 hours because I get most stressed (and make the worst decisions) right around 3 am. 

24-Hour Cafe and Market:  Must serve a variety of options from comfort food and health food. 

Automobile Repair and Body Shop

Dry Cleaner and Tailor: We wear suits.  Suits are best pressed and starched. Also, the best suits are tailored  Thus, tailors are necessary. 

On-Site Veterinarian and Doggy Day Care

Terrace Bar and Sustainable Garden:  This serves two purposes: (1) Lawyers often socialize by sharing cocktails together (2) Sustainable garden will provide both green space to the firm and fresh vegetables and flowers to the market, which will also be in charge of harvesting and maintaining the vegetables.

Mailroom and Delivery Service: Even though everyone gets e-mail I need access to the U.S. Postal Service so I can get my packages from GILT and Rue La La. Also, I don’t know where to even buy stamps anymore, so in the event that I do need to mail something (I don’t even know what), it’s just good to have it.

Bank: Going to the bank is kind of like going to the doctor, except worse because they keep stupid hours when everyone ELSE is working and therefore cannot get there.  Thus having a bank on site will allow the bankers to keep their dumb hours while allowing the lawyers to actually be able to go to the bank, during business hours, without having to go offsite.

Then again, I could have all of the above and I think I would still be tired, cranky, irritable, and everything else right now. I just need a vacation. And some sleep.

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